What They Never Tell You About Blogging

The Art of Blogging

Blogging isn’t what it used to be. It’s not exactly dead, it’s not dying, it’s just… different.

When I started blogging seven years ago, all you had to do was create a blog, share some decent content, be consistent, and you’d attract readers and comments.

And you’d be making some money too. Maybe even afford to become a full-time blogger if you managed to build a community of folks who were passionate about your content.

But now… things are different. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there for every topic imaginable.

Stuff got complicated. We didn’t even have half of these words back when I first started blogging: webinars, landing pages, sales funnels, SEO, copywriting…

Heck, we didn’t even care much about headlines, intros, and formatting our damn blog posts properly. Just read this old post of mine on “blogging:” 3,647 likes, 508 comments, and all that…

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Looking for a summer romance? I’ve got you covered.


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Paige is having a quarter-life crisis. After catching her husband, Devin (AKA Asshat), banging his secretary on their newly remodeled granite kitchen counters, she was forced to move into her meddling mother’s condo back in her hometown of St. Louis. She’s curvy, depressed, and going through a divorce in the middle of the holiday season. What else could wrong?

Going on a blind date that was set up by her mother?

Things could be worse.

Being saved on that date by a mysterious stranger?

Not too bad..

Getting reintroduced to your childhood crush at the worst time of your life?

Tough, but manageable…

That crush being the older brother of your best friend?

I’ll let you decide.

Life Update!

Grad with parents

This semester is over!

For those of you who followed along previously, you may have noticed my abrupt break in the blog and social media posting. Although you might not have cared, I am excited to announce that I’m a UTA College Graduate Class of 2019 and Married!

wedding kiss

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of challenges and changes that I have had to adapt to, but I am proud and pleased to say that I made it! Now that the honeymoon is over (a blissful stay in a condo at Lake Travis) I am refreshed and ready to get down to business as usual.

My new full-length novel, Tempting Indiscretions, will be officially released in August!

Be looking for more posts on editing, formatting, and publishing from me, along with posts that cover how TI was created and the journey my first novel has taken on me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

We Belong Together by Weston Parker – Review

We Belong TogetherWe Belong Together by Weston Parker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daniel and Terra were high school sweethearts. She was the wild child and he was focused on his dreams of playing pro baseball. When Danny was offered a position to play on her father’s pro team his plans for his life were set in motion, but Terra wasn’t ready to settle down.

Now Danny is the wild one, living the life of a pro athlete with money to spare and a body of a Greek god. There is only one thing is missing in his life as a playboy, Terra. Eight years later she is still the girl he thinks about and no other actress, supermodel, or team groupie will do. She belongs with him and nothing will stop him from making that a reality when a turn of events brings them back together. Only this time, she is the one in charge…

This novel was a good read mainly because it gives a new perspective from a male romance writer, Weston Parker. It was refreshing to read events in the mindset of a masculine author, however, it was not perfect. I feel like her virginity was played up to be this big event but she loses it in such a casual way. It was kind of a let down after all of the build-ups throughout the novel.

That being said, I enjoyed this novel and all of the drama that brings these two together. I would suggest working on transitions smoother in the middle of a chapter because it got a little confusing when time and events would jump from paragraph to paragraph. Also, be careful not to repeat minor concepts over and over again when switching from perspectives. Sometimes it’s nice for the two characters to have different thoughts.

I recommend this book for anyone that likes a pro-athlete romance or a strong female lead. I will definitely be reading more of Weston Parker in the future.

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Indie Romance Writers – Your Chance to Have a Free Honest Review of Your Novel! / #readinggoals2019

  • Calling all indie romance writersINDIE Romance Writers this is your chance to have your book read and reviewed for an free honest review on goodreads and here on my blog page! Keep reading for more details or email me directly at lrf.romancequeen@gmail.com

Do ever remember in primary school when your teacher would make you set goals for reading?

They would give you this worksheet to fill out and every day you would have to put in your reading time. The teacher would look at your progress and give you a gold star if you met or exceeded your goal. Filling a sensation of self-pride you run home to your parents and they would look down on you proudly seeing that their daughter/ son was so proficient taking an early interest in their academic endeavors.

Yeah. Not my childhood.

I was not diagnosed with dyslexia until the 9th grade so any book I read before the age of 13 was absolute mental torture. However, even though today I love reading and would happily choose a good book over any movie, I still wonder what it would be like to set a daily goal and reach it.

Then I had a thought. A dangerous thought. Maybe it isn’t too late for me to set a goal that seems otherwise impossible. Granted I am currently working at an unpaid internship for 50 hrs a week and a part-time job 20, why can’t I do the impossible?

So everyone reading bare witness to this historical statement:

I am dedicating myself to read 30 minutes a day.

I have gone too long abandoning my bookshelf for this to happen. No matter what, I will read an indie romance writer for no less than 30 minutes a day.

*** So if you have any recommendations, or you yourself are an indie romance writer and would like a free review of your novel to be posted on my blog leave a note in the comments or message me directly. ***

A reflection worth sharing.


Photo Source: Teacher Trap

Hello writers, dreamers, bloggers, and friends,

I haven’t shared anything in a while and I thought a good way to describe what I have been up to would be to share with you my last reflection I submitted after working with my 7th graders. Next week it is on to high school with a new batch of kids and new challenges to face. My God and Dr. Pepper help me through.


Week Eight


Originally I was going to talk about all of the classroom management styles that I have learned during my eight weeks at B*****t. I was going to regale you with another copied and pasted version of all the attributes and accomplishments that I have achieved as a student teacher. You know, the normal pat on the back that you normally hear from your other student teachers.


Stop me if this sounds familiar.


“I helped a kid after school improve their reading score.” , “I found a kid with their head down in the hallways and made them smile.” , “I was able to go my whole placement with only writing one referral.”, “I stopped bullying from happening in my classroom.” , “I helped a student that was undiagnosed be diagnosed with dyslexia.” , “I improved the reading score overall of all my SPED students using techniques that helped me as a kid.” , “I improved my communication skills.” , “The content of my lesson plans superseded the ones I built last semester.” , “I learned to stand my ground and be the support the kids in my class need by exhibiting classroom structure.” , “I learned how to grade papers.” ,


Although those are all important things to talk about, and they are things I am almost sure you will see being expanded upon in the future, that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to talk about how sad I am to leave these kids at Barnett.


All my life I’ve never been an overly emotional or “sappy” person. I don’t cry at sad commercials, I don’t tear up at songs that hit me so deep I think that the Earth is shaking, and I don’t get attached to people I know I will never see again. However bold that might be to say, let me just tell you how much this experience has turned all of this upside down. I love the kids in my class as if they were my own. I think about things that they said in class, I look for things that they will appreciate in my lessons, and I brag about them all the time even when they make me want to pull my hair out. Even though I have had my fair share of tough moments and run-ins with my students that make poor choices, I know that I would take a bullet for each and every one of them.


When they succeed, I succeed. When they hurt, I hurt. When their life is falling apart, I’m there to catch them. The hardest thing I could have thought of doing this week is what at first I thought would be the easiest. I am going to miss them, all of them. I appreciate and love them for the kids they are, just as they are.


Recently, I watched a documentary on Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) and it struck a major chord in my philosophy as a teacher. He said, “Love them as they are. Let them know that they are enough.”  I hope that if they remember one thing about my time with them is that I love and accept them just the way they are because they are enough.