We Belong Together by Weston Parker – Review

We Belong TogetherWe Belong Together by Weston Parker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daniel and Terra were high school sweethearts. She was the wild child and he was focused on his dreams of playing pro baseball. When Danny was offered a position to play on her father’s pro team his plans for his life were set in motion, but Terra wasn’t ready to settle down.

Now Danny is the wild one, living the life of a pro athlete with money to spare and a body of a Greek god. There is only one thing is missing in his life as a playboy, Terra. Eight years later she is still the girl he thinks about and no other actress, supermodel, or team groupie will do. She belongs with him and nothing will stop him from making that a reality when a turn of events brings them back together. Only this time, she is the one in charge…

This novel was a good read mainly because it gives a new perspective from a male romance writer, Weston Parker. It was refreshing to read events in the mindset of a masculine author, however, it was not perfect. I feel like her virginity was played up to be this big event but she loses it in such a casual way. It was kind of a let down after all of the build-ups throughout the novel.

That being said, I enjoyed this novel and all of the drama that brings these two together. I would suggest working on transitions smoother in the middle of a chapter because it got a little confusing when time and events would jump from paragraph to paragraph. Also, be careful not to repeat minor concepts over and over again when switching from perspectives. Sometimes it’s nice for the two characters to have different thoughts.

I recommend this book for anyone that likes a pro-athlete romance or a strong female lead. I will definitely be reading more of Weston Parker in the future.

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