Her Guilty SecretHer Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly

Her Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly

Underwhelming. This book was underwhelming and hard to finish. Although this is a book that is meant to be a quick read, character development was not there and the absurdity of the “connection” between Conner and Olivia was repetitive and lackluster. I don’t like giving bad reviews because I believe there were some good qualities about this novel. For example, the intimate scenes were hot and have the potential to be well-written.

I think this author has a unique and bright voice, however, they need to refine the story behind the characters. In my opinion, the beginning is very rudimentary and dull because it is the stereotypical fireworks off the bat, no pretense or background explanation, just BAM the characters want to bang and have the same thoughts. Saying that I do feel like the story picks up in the middle and the ending is a lot better than the beginning. I don’t want to give away spoilers but if you do read to the end you will feel more connected to the characters right before they slip from your fingers forever. I wish that feeling could have been present in the beginning.

I would not recommend this novel for purchase until major structural elements are corrected and refined. These elements include making sure the point of view is clear to the reader instead of jumping around multiple times in one chapter. Explaining more about the Donovan case at the beginning of the story so that the reader isn’t pressed for information midway through. Perhaps being more subtle about the fact that Conner is staring at her (or appearing to) the entire time of his lecture. -If I were a student I would know 100% they are hooking up without needing confirmation. Also, giving his lectures some depth and detail that would play into the ending would help by leaps and bounds to establish his status in the legal world. Sure you say he is a top-lawyer in Ireland, but where is the proof he has a brain when he isn’t baiting Olivia?

Summary (with no spoilers): Available February 1st, 2019
Olivia Amerelli is a senior law student at uni in London with dreams of making a name of herself as one of the UK’s top prosecutors. Nothing is going to stop this shining legal star until guest lecturer and top criminal attorney Conner Connelly gets in her way. This Irish barrister uses the law to free the prosecuted and upturn legal proceeding for the mega-rich. The energy between them is electric but acting on their feelings would put both of their careers in jeopardy. Can they fight the heat growing between them? Or will his sinister job be her undoing?

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