Should I “traditionally” publish?


I’m scared. Cancel scared, I’m terrified.


This is the first time in my life that I have written for me. Not for a class, or to impress someone, or to make a point. The creation of my first novel Tempting Indiscretions is the one thing that is 100% by me, for me.


Sure, I’ve been testing the waters. I just released my first ever E-published novella via Kindle and although I’m super excited and happy with the results of my online rendezvous with publishing, I feel myself lacking. The more I talk to other writers the more I long to have a publishing house backing my book. I know this seems silly to have such mixed feelings about traditional publishing, but a part of me wants to be able to stand up to any other writer and say that I am legit.


As mentioned in my first post, I have never sent my manuscripts to a publisher. I own the official copyrights to my work and I’ve spent hundreds of man-hours revising and editing my baby but I feel now is the time to release it out into the world. Out into the mass void of bibliophiles and romance junkies (like me).


My question to you is, should I?


Should I try to have my first novel traditionally published? … Or should I be happy with e-Publishing and ride this adventure out?

I have no idea where to start looking for publishing houses…. help?

Any thoughts would be great.

-L.R. Rutherford

My October Recommendations:


Film: Halloween, 2018 – John Carpenter 1978 classic horror film is back and better than ever. Original cast member Jamie Lee Curtis is starring in this continuation of everyone’s fright night favorite.  

Hill House

Television: If you haven’t seen “The Haunting of Hill House” you are missing out. Best short horror series of 2018 by far!

beware the night

Currently Reading: Beware the Night by Ralph Sarchie

This novel, although backdated to the late 90’s / early 00’s was suggested to me by a friend and I’m really enjoying the read. I like ghost stories and this book is packed with stories about possession and evil spirits. Fun fact: this novel was adapted into a movie released in 2014 titled Deliver Us From Evil.

3 thoughts on “Should I “traditionally” publish?”

  1. I have had this dilemma for so long. For now, I just put my stories irrespective of length, on Amazon. I hope someday some traditional publisher would contact me realizing what a gem of a writer I am 🙂
    I would say go indie and continue to pursue traditional publishing.

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    1. Thank you for the advise! I think that this is the way for me to go as well. Right now I’m making a marketing plan for self promotion. 😀

      Have you had any success on Amazon? I have my novella Divorce XL available but sales are off and on. I hope all your publishing dreams come true!


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