Halloween Contest 300 Word Max

This is an entry I have submitted for a writing contest with a 300 Word Max.

For more details, visit Kelly Griffiths

Halloween Writing Contest

Jane was known for stealing money from the men she went on blind dates with. That was her favorite pastime and one that she became increasingly excellent at as time had progressed.

The dusk of Halloween night fell on her doorstep as she walked the three blocks to the restaurant where she met her prey. Tonight’s victim, she met on social media, requested that they come in costume to celebrate the night of the dead. Something about the man’s request halted her from replying to his message. It wasn’t until she noticed the watch on his wrist in his profile picture, was a Rolex and ignited her lust for more monetary value.
She spotted him right away.
He was in corpse paint sitting in a two-seater booth, the only man in a costume.
“Hello,” He greeted.
He was handsome, even with the thick paint covering his face.
There conversation was easy, he was polite, gentle even. He stuck to one beer and didn’t look past her to the television screen while she was talking.
After dinner, they shared a chocolate shake and she fought her impulse to pick his pockets. He was different, she thought. She waited for him to ask her on another date but found him unwilling to pick up the hints.
“Would you like to see me for a second time?” she asked.
For the first time in a long time, she was blushing with hopes of a future.
He turned to her and smiled, “This is the second time I’ve seen you.”
She laughed, “No it isn’t.”
He laughed and goosebumps splintered her arms as fangs grew inside his mouth, “You stole from me on our first date, and now I will steal your soul.”

©L. R. Rutherford

All Rights Reserved.

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